Beringoff is an international company that has been implementing its educational programs and projects since 2018. We are pleased to inform all our partners and those who support and sympathize with us that on February 1, 2023, Beringoff (International Education Training Center) was registered in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

Beringoff International Education Training Center

The Beringoff International Education Training Center offers innovative short-term educational programs, international conferences, seminars, roundtables and other educational activities.

Teaching programs: International law, international relations, diplomacy and world politics, business, management, leadership, environment, innovation, Middle Eastern history and politics programs guaranteeing immersion in the Arabic language.

International activity format

In Dubai, Beringoff is creating a modern international format for students, graduates, high-performance specialists and executives from banks, corporations and leading companies in a variety of sectors. The vast majority of programs will be in English, and our international site in Dubai will welcome participants, teachers and lecturers from all over the world.


The company has been licensed to run short-term educational programs (up to 6 months) and to organize international conferences, seminars, round tables and other educational activities. Our representative office is located in the Dubai Knowledge Park, a specialized university center in a prestigious district of the emirate of Dubai, guaranteeing a comfortable working environment.

With this license, the Dubai Educational Infrastructure (KHDA) has reviewed and approved twelve (12) short-term educational programs that represent a list of highly attractive areas including subjects related to international law, international relations, diplomacy and world politics, business, management, leadership, innovation, Middle Eastern history and politics, Islamic world history and Islamic law, Arabic language immersion, the environment and unique stories affirming the role of women in business, politics and social innovation.

Based on the best university traditions and methods in the field of legal education and business administration of Russia and leading foreign countries.

The Beringoff International Academy of Law has been established in 2018 on the initiative of the leading Russian universities on the basis of their long-term experience in the development of educational projects.



Beringoff International Academy of Law is in fact the successor and heir to all the academic potential, skills and traditions of the 20 best Russian universities which, united to create an international educational platform in Switzerland: compact, exclusive in terms of quality of education, with research and analytical centers, which has advanced, innovative technology for training the best Russian and foreign specialists in international law and business management.


Students enter one of 17 partner universities for a special Swiss programme, carefully prepared and verified by the best specialists in international education. The basis, the classics of the programme was born and formed many years ago, and it is a very interesting but difficult journey. Those who overcome it will be able to claim the most prestigious job in the best organizations and companies of Russia and other contries. Studies take place alternately in Russia and Switzerland (first semester in Russia, second and third in Switzerland, fourth and fifth in Russia, sixth and seventh in Switzerland, eighth month is left for preparation and presenting of a thesis).


Foreign language is an essensial element of education. Two languages (English + French) are taught in the most intensive format throughout the course of study in Switzerland. Beginning from the third year, education is provided in English with the active participation of teachers and speakers from Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. The language requirements are the highest. Our goal is to train specialists who will easily beat their competitors on all political and business platforms. Studying will be difficult, but very interesting.



The study process is intense and complex: in addition to the chosen university programme, each student has to master the Swiss programme. All this is complemented by practical lessons in Swiss international organizations and corporations, a live exchange of experience with invited industry leaders, coaching 



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