This is a community of university applicants, students, bachelors and masters, specialists young and old, professionals, leaders, celebrities and all those who believe that a good education is an essential tool for positive transformation and change for the better, a basis for a proper perception of global trends and an unbiased vision of the future world order;

This is an open educational platform where you can discover something new about what seems to be common knowledge, where you can see a surprisingly profound presentation, an exciting video, an unusual documentary and exchange opinions about it in a lively discussion;

Beringoff is meetings with famous people, master classes, round tables on topics of interest to everyone, it is an international club of unlimited professional communication, knowledge and education.

Our practical experience and analysis of the performance of online educational processes do not allow us to recognize a clear advantage to distance learning. Its concrete results generally indicate the opposite. This is one of the topics that will be addressed in our upcoming discussions and short-term programs. “Humanization of the Digital World”, or how to ensure that the rapid development of innovation does not reduce humans to soulless machines, detached from nature and its laws. How to avoid sacrificing the quality of anything in order to achieve the desired objective quickly.

The vast majority of club meetings take place offline, in person. You’ll meet people from all over the world, learn about their lives and their opinions on various events, listen attentively to their points of view, discuss what’s most important in life, find common ground and try to understand everyone. You’ll also be able to drink tea and coffee. Together, we will build an international club of friends linked by education in various fields.

We always welcome new connections, suggestions and initiatives. The Beringoff Club’s working language is English.