Program Information

How to manage global change. International models of state-building. World diplomacy and its practical tools.  This program will teach you to think, analyze, compare and contrast facts, to find compromises and answers to extremely difficult global development issues, to make decisions and manage processes based on these decisions, as well as to admit mistakes and learn from them, to be honest and uncompromising when the situation demands it.

This is an in-depth, useful and clearly structured program designed for those planning to become executives in the field of international law, diplomatic activities or international affairs.Throughout the week, you will work alongside renowned specialists with top-level international degrees in a variety of fields, while practical sessions will enable you to acquire the skills you need to work independently and as part of a team. The history of different states and international entities will help you find optimal solutions and build your own international development model.

Age of participants: 16-40

Course type: Short term program

Course duration: 30 academic hours

Certified body: KHDA