Innovations in international financial law

Program Information

Each short program has been specially designed for young legal professionals or even experienced practitioners who will be pursuing their careers on a day-to-day basis, honing their skills along the way to advise their clients when tackling such issues, or to help their organizations do so. Only a very small number of lawyers are confronted with these issues in their practice, and the university courses they can take are extremely limited in scope and only available at a few institutions. This is also because these cutting-edge issues take time to evolve into a traditional university course, and therefore remain the prerogative of a privileged few. Beringoff recognized this gap in the legal field and developed these super-specialized integrated law and business courses, designed by real practitioners and not just legal theorists. This brings a unique multi-disciplinary edge to each course, making it very rich in content and not only familiarizing participants with concrete problems that arise in real time, but also providing them with relevant tools to improve their knowledge and ability to offer advice, suggestions and solutions to their customers.

Age of participants: 20-40

Course type: Short term program

Course duration: 42 academic hours

Certified body: KHDA