Program Information

Key global innovative trends. Humanisation of the Digital World Artificial intelligence ethics.

A highly sought-after program for anyone striving to keep up with the times.  Regardless of your field of occupation. This program raises two urgent and interdependent questions of the modern world: how to manage global innovation in the age of technological progress, and how to stay anchored in the age of the civilization race.

With the help of senior executives and experienced international speakers, you’ll have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of global challenges in innovation and civilization. You’ll discover the latest achievements of innovative minds and get answers to questions like these:

Digitization of human life: how far can we go in our understanding of this process and its effects?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern information and innovation technologies?

Entrepreneurship and innovation in an era of global change.

Global trends in innovation, information technology, robotics, etc.

Age of participants: 16-40

Course type: Short term program

Course duration: 30 academic hours

Certified body: KHDA