Program information:

Sports Management. International Sports Law. How to manage your career and reputation in sports and the arts.

This program is designed for people who practice a sport or art, or whose work or business is in this field. 

A practical short-term program that reinforces your knowledge with up-to-date tools to keep you on top of your game. The nature of sports arbitration and its mechanisms. Resolving sports-related disputes. The procedure for drafting, managing and signing professional contracts with sports agents, clubs or federations. Key points to know.

This program will enable you to unlock the secrets of the sports and arts business; it will give you substantial insight into the issues of professional growth and managing success in sports and the arts, as well as how and when to choose your career in these fields, and how to stay professionally active once your career is over.

Age of participants: 16-40

Age of participants: Short-term program

Course duration: 18 contact hours

Accreditation body: : KHDA