Program Information

Your success story. Leadership case studies. How to unleash your inner leader
and succeed in your professional career. Success management.

In this particular case, you can be sure that your expectations will be met. A deep
and detailed immersion in the professional aspects of law, business and diplomacy
in one of the world’s most complex and dynamic regions
is sure to impress. You will discover the persuasive power and effectiveness of
the knowledge, practical skills and concrete tools acquired in just one week. Over the course of a few days, you will understand how lawyers, diplomats and businessmen work, put your expectations to the test and make your choice.

The program is professionally woven from distinct chapters that are sure to
impress with in-depth presentation of the material, vivid speaker narratives, immediate experience of the mechanics of leadership and the opportunity to explore the tools for achieving eminence in such prestigious and desirable fields of endeavor
as law, business and diplomacy.

Throughout the program, you will be guided by experienced specialists and renowned speakers who will gladly share their wealth of personal experience in solving international legal problems, exploring cutting-edge business practices that contribute to success, and breaking diplomatic deadlocks, no matter how formidable.

This program is for those who feel empowered to be special, who are ready
to tackle non-trivial tasks with their expertise, experience and intuition,
to steer complex management projects and suggest optimal options
for achieving success.

It’s a completely hands-on course that will make you even smarter and more current, stronger and more confident in making critical decisions, and get you a lot closer to making that all-important career choice.

Age of participants: 16-40
Course type: Short-term program
Course duration: 30 contact hours
Accreditation body: KHDA

Age of participants: 16-40

Course type: Short term program

Course duration: 18 academic hours

Certified body: KHDA